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iMA Human Resource Audit

 iMA Human Resource Audit

 A fast, simple, cost effective  guide to managing people the way they want to be managed.

  • Focusing on the  needs the individual
  • Creating an environment where people feel valued
  • Bridging the gap between management and employees 

Increase awareness as to how you can build trust, communication, co-operation,understanding and reduce stress and tension. 

Providing  valuable insight and an “At a Glance” guide to understanding the differences in your employees and communicating with them on their wavelength.

 Management Strategy to optimise Personal and Team Performance

  • General Strategies:
  • Goals
  • Fears/What to avoid
  • To be more effective
  • To motivate
  • To counsel
  • How to correct
  • How to delegate
  • Behavioural summary
  • Prescriptions for Compatibility
  • How to create moments of magic
  • How to avoid moments of misery


To find out how a iMA Human Resource Audit can benefit your company click here for more information.


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